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Magnus Life Science is an innovative company focused on building and nurturing biotech companies.  Through its unique ‘spin in’ model, Magnus Life Science allows innovative early stage life sciences companies to thrive in a university environment by placing commercially driven scientists into direct contact with curiosity driven academics.  Magnus Life Science aims to be at the vanguard of a new generation of British biotech managers and leaders that can shape the future of the industry and address the current environment where pharma is looking to identify new sources of innovation to achieve growth.

Latest news articles and press releases

Giving Life and Saving Life: The Importance of Research into Pregnancy

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Last week the media reported that fifteen babies a day in UK are stillborn or die within a month of birth, and according to MBRRACE-UK 22% of stillbirths are due…

Regenerate Life Science formed following positive Phase II clinical trial results in Stem Cell Therapy

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Magnus Life Science, the innovative company focused on building and nurturing biotech companies through a unique spin-in approach, is pleased to announce the formation of Regenerate Life Science, a regenerative…

Apollo Therapeutics – Successful launch of new-age UK Bioscience

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The last few weeks have once again demonstrated the power of academic research in the UK and the ability of academia to fill a void in the pharmaceutical innovation engine….